Non Asbestos Packing, Non Asbestos Products, Gland Packings, Rings Gasket, Fibreglass Rope, Asbestos Replacement Packing and Products, Mumbai, India
Ceramic Products, Ceramic Rope, Ceramic Packings, Ceramic Cloth, Ceramic Moulded Products
Ceramic Products, Ceramic Rope, Ceramic Packings, Ceramic Cloth, Ceramic Moulded Products
Manufacturer & Exporter of Ropes, Gland Packings, Cloths, Tapes, Rings, Gaskets, Bellows etc. made of PTFE, Polyamide, PTFE-Graphite, Carbon, Ceramic, Glass Fibre and other Non Asbestos Products for Industrial Temperature, Pressure & Chemical Insulating, Packing & Sealing Applications

Ceramic Products, Ceramic Rope, Ceramic Packings, Ceramic Cloth, Ceramic Moulded Products

  Fibre Glass Products, Fibre Glass Rope, Fibre Glass Packings, Ceramic Rope, Ceramic Ropes, Sigma Fiberglass Cloth, Fibre Glass Ropes, Sigma Ceramic Rope, Mumbai, India

Sigma fiberglass rope / packing made of high quality pure yarn in soft & hard version to withstand high temperature applications upto 630°c.


. Classification Temp. ------ 1260C
. Continuous Maximum Operating Temperature -------- 1175C
. Melting temperature ---- >1600C
. Specific Heat Capacity KJ / KGK at 1090C ----------- 1.13
. Linear Shrinkage ---------- 3% Max at 1200C
. Leachable Chloride Content ------ < 10ppm
. Specific gravity ---------------- 2.65


. AL2O3 ---- 42 - 44%
. SiO2 ----- 52-56%
. FeZO3 ---- < 0.1
. TiO2 ---- < 0.3
. ZrO2 --- Nill

Fibre glass reinforced ( S.S. Wire reinforcement on demand ) Ceramic Rope.
............ Density ---- 400 - 400 Kg/m3
Important features of SIGMA Ceramic Ropes

* Low Thermal Conductivity
* Very low heat storage
* Thermal shock resistant
* Resist more chemical attack, unaffected by Water & Steam
* Excellent sound absorption.
* High resistence to gas velocities
* Higher tensile strength
* Light weight
* Resilent
* Easy,quick installation & repair
Ropes are used for inspection Door Seals, Gaskets, Flange Seals, Expansion Joints, Pipe Lagging, Gas Turbine Insulation.
Sigma Ceramic Cloth
Cerasigma Cloth with Graphite Impregnation
Sigma Cerasigma Cloth with graphite impregnation are made by blend of cerabestos superior quality ceramic Fibre & organic fibre & later impregnated with expanded graphite mineral. It has none of health & handling problem. It's of multiple function (which gets increase by graphite impregnation)

This ultra high resistant Sigma Cerasigma (G) Cloth can be widely used under different temperature conditions to a maximum 1000C. This Sigma Cerasigma can be widely used as a thermal insulation in multiple application industries, such as STEEL, SHIPBUILDING, AEROSPACE, GLASS, CHEMICAL, PETROCHEMICAL, NUCLEAR POWER, LIGHT AND HEAVY MACHINERY ETC.

With the impregnation by expanded graphite mineral, it enhances the resistant in wear & tear condition. Also being low co-efficient of friction material it prevents the friction upto much extent.

Sigma Ceramic moulded products

Die moulded products like as packing set of any size & shape (as required & mentioned in drawing) with the high temperature resistant quality of ceramic (upto1260C) such products are highly recommended
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